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The WDSF is growing from year to year and the amount of athletes taking part at WDSF competitions is at a point where the administrative efforts are getting overwhelming.
To solve this problem the WDSF has decided to issue e-Cards to all of their active athletes.  Starting October 1 the WDSF started a new system for athletes to apply for a WDSF ID card or to renew one.
The changes are as follows:
  • No more plastic WDSF Id cards instead they will be digital, a WDSF e-Card
  • Athletes must scan and upload their application, photo, & identity scan themselves ( no longer can they mail documents to Gord to upload)
  • Athletes will need to download an app to their cell phones (therefore athletes should make sure they , not their coach or parent has the app & digital copy of their e-Card)
  • Gord must too verify all applications online ( therefore he will ask you if their Regional membership is active) before it is valid
  • Many athletes who already have a plastic card will soon receive an email from WDSF regarding renewing their card.