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October, 2016

>> Recognition for Edmonton dancers Betty and Nigel Rutter.pdf

January, 2016

Dear Athletes and Coaches,

Canada DanceSport ( CDS), CDS Regional members DanceSport BC (DSBC), DanceSport Alberta (DSAB), Ontario DanceSport (ODS), DanceSport Quebec (DSQ), and DanceSport Atlantic (DAA) as well as Canada DanceSport Professional Division (CDS PD) would like to inform you that:

1.      As long as an athlete has a membership with one of the above Regional Associations, the athlete is welcome to compete in any of our Recognized Competitions. CDS does not restrict an athlete from having a membership card with another dance organization nor does it restrict athletes from competing in non-recognized events. No sanctions or suspensions will be applied to the athlete.
2.        CDS & CDS PD do not restrict its adjudicators from adjudicating non-recognized events. No suspensions will be imposed on adjudicators who judge on the same panel with any other adjudicator no matter which association they have membership with. We will not restrict adjudicator freedom to work anywhere they choose.
 3.      CDS believes in freedom of choice and has fought on behalf of athletes, coaches, and adjudicators for this right.
Please feel free to share this with your fellow athletes, coaches, and adjudicators.

Best Regards

Canada DanceSport Board of Directors

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